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Achievement Assemblies

Every Friday we have a celebration assembly where we celebrate children’s achievements, both in and out of school, in many different areas.

Each week the class teacher selects a child to be presented with the ‘Child of the Week,’ ‘Star Writer’ and ‘Handwriting’ (fortnightly) award.

We also have awards from the lunch time staff, attendance awards, best line awards, Lexia reading awards and individual star chart achievements as well as celebrating sporting events.This is also an opportunity to celebrate childrens’ birthdays’ as a school.

It’s really exciting hearing about the good things people have done. 

– Ioana P, Year 6

 Class 6 assembly - Friendship

On Thursday 9th February class 6 delivered a superb assembly on the theme of friendship.  They wrote and co ordinated the whole thing and delivered it excellently.  It centred around the ingredients needed to make a good friend, including loyalty, respect and forgiveness.  It ended with the whole class performing a rendition of 'You can count on me,' by Bruno Mars. The assembly was funny and emotional at the same time.  Well done class 6!



It brought a tear to my eye.

Harry E (year 6) and Lucy E's (year 4) mum


Class 2 assembly - Castles

On Thursday 16th March class 2 performed an assembly where they told us all about castles.  We learned about the different types of castles, the people who lived and worked there and the entertainment.  It was funny and informative at the same time. Great work class 2!



 Mother's Day assembly

Today we held our annual, whole school Mother’s day celebration (Friday 24th March). Each class performed something for their mothers. Class R told us why they love their mums, class 2 recited their own poem they had written and classes 4 and 6 sang. We also performed songs as a school and the choir also sang a selection of melodies. It was very touching and a wonderful way to say thank you for all our mums do.

It was beautiful.  It made me cry. 

Chloe and Ryan F's mum - year 4 and 6

Easter assembly

We held our school Easter celebration yesterday (Thursday 6th April), in St Michael’s church. It was lovely to see so many of you attend to watch the children’s super performances of songs and poems, as well as the year 6 narration throughout. The whole school were wonderfully behaved and performed beautifully.



Class 4 assembly - Egyptians

On Thursday 18th May class 4 performed an assembly where they told us all about the Egyptians and their lives thousands of years ago.  We learned about the different Egyptians Gods, Pharaohs, the people who lived and worked at this time and we even learned some Egyptian dance moves ! It was entertaining and informative at the same time. Great work class 4!



It was colourful and interesting with lots of facts. I loved a song at the end.

Daisy B's mum - year 4

Class R - Mini beasts

On Friday 16th June the Reception class delivered a fantastic assembly about mini beasts.  They gave us lots of interesting facts and information about the various different types of mini beasts.  They sang lots of songs with actions too.  It was a great assembly.  Well done class R.



Class 6 leaver's assembly - Porridge

This week we saw a crime wave hit Happy Valley and a caseload of mysteries needed to be solved. Lucking class 6 were on hand to assist. We saw many familiar fairy tale characters in the magical, musical production of Porridge. This leaver’s play was absolutely superb. It was funny, exciting and the children were fantastic. Fabulous well done to all those involved.