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Activities and School Trips

Queenswood Country Park and OK Diner trip - class 6

On Thursday 7th September class 6 went to Queenswood Country Park and OK Diner. This links to their topic on the USA.  They found the Californian Redwood trees, measured them and did some tree hugging.  At the OK Diner the children completed a quiz and feasted on milkshakes and ice cream.  Sounds like a great trip!



It was really good, I really enjoyed stuffing my face with milkshakes.  It was delicious and the Redwood trees were humongous.

Lily P - year 6

I loved hugging the tree. They were gigantic.  The diner had cool signs on the walls.  They were like number plates and route signs.  I had a double chocolate chip milkshake.  It was tasty.

Danny CQ - year 6


MacMillan Coffee morning

Mrs Gething and year 6 organised a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 29th September to raise money for the Macmillan charity that helps people with cancer. It was a wonderful turn out and great to see so many parents/carers and other members of the community there. A huge amount of cakes were donated and we raised £284.04, which is a fantastic amount. Thank you to all those who attended, donated money and cakes and especially to Mrs Gething and year 6 for organising this hugely successful event.


Bristol Zoo trip - classes 1 and 3

On Monday 16th October classes 1 and 3 went on a trip to Bristol Zoo.  They had an African Animal Experience that involved the children learning about different animals that live in Africa.  They even got to hold and stroke mealworms, a boa constrictor snake and a rat.  Children also took part in activities where they had to match the animal with their skin, foot prints, bones and horns. Following this, the children explored the zoo where they saw lions, penguins, sea lions, monkeys, meerkats, butterflies, bugs, giant tortoises and many other zoo animals.  They all had a super day out.




I had a good time.  I liked the bats.  I liked the two covered up sleeping.

Yousuf J - year 2

I enjoyed stroking the python Mia.  I was surprised it felt like plastic.

Ruby L - year 3

Pumpkin Competition

We held our annual pumpkin competition in school on Friday 20th October, judged by School Council.  We had some fantastic entries from all age groups.  These were on display at the PTFA Halloween disco that evening, to light the way.


R - Bailey

1 - Leo

2 - Grace L

3 - Megan

4 - Ruby J

5 - Lily-Rose and Gracie-Mae



6 - Lewis

Farm to Fork - class 5

On Friday 3rd November class 5 went to Tescos in Hereford as part of the Farm to Fork project.  All the children had a lively and informative morning where they got to bake bread, taste a selection of cheeses and discover where different fruit and vegetables come from.  We then had a fresh and tasty snack before finishing the morning off with 'The Lemon Challenge.'  Penny and Heather, who led the morning, complemented the children on their exemplary behaviour and attitude.




I loved making because I learnt you can plait it.

Ruby C- year 5

I tried lots of different cheeses, the Cheddar was definitely the best!

Chloe F - year 5

 My favourite part of the morning was the lemon challenge. It was funny seeing everybody's faces!

Lucy E and Jack A - year 5


Anti-bullying week

Bullying is an issue we take very seriously in school. This year’s National Anti-Bullying Week takes place between the 13th and 17th November and this year’s theme is ‘All different, All equal’.

As part of this week, we are asked children to come to school on Monday 13th November wearing odd socks. It was an opportunity for children to express themselves and appreciate individuality; a chance to discuss that we are all different and all equal.

It is really important that we educate our children with how to recognise bullying and what they should do if they come across it in school. They need to know their support network and the importance of telling, whether it is happening to them or they witness it happening to another child.




 The definition of bullying is - STOP - Several Times On Purpose. You should never bully.

 Abi GP - year 5

We wore odd socks today to show it's alright to be different.

Sophie G - year 1


Children in Need

On Friday 17th November the school took part in the annual Children in Need charity fundraiser.  We all dressed up and wore clothing associated with what we want to be when we grow up, as well as donating £1 to the worthwhile cause.  We also had hot chocolate and cookies, guess the name of the teddy (won by Chloe F - year 5) and guess the amount of sweets in the jar (won by Archie - year 6). The school raised a whopping £321.20!!! Well done everyone and thank you to all those who donated money.




It was a really fun day and the hot chocolate was good.

Lily P- year 6

It was good.  I dressed up as a marine biologist.  It was a good way to raise money.

Mia P - year 4

Dulas Court - The Magic Table

On Tuesday 28th November two children from each year group visited Dulas Court Residential Home to participation in their Magic Table event. This was an opportunity for children to interact with the elderly residents and enjoy the activities provided.This event was initiated by an organization called Tovertafel. They believe that everyone has the right to play. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this right. The Tovertafel can justly be called a care innovation and they work in close collaboration with care professionals and universities from around the globe.The children really enjoy the interactive activities, suing a projector, which involved catching fish, splatting eggs and making flowers grow. 



I thought it was amazing and magical.

Ayesha J - year 6

It was good. My favourite activity was the fish.

Matti A - year 1

Gloucester Cathedral and Masid-El Noor Mosque trip - class 6

Wednesday 29th saw Class 6 travel to Gloucester to visit both the Cathedral and the Mosque as part of their RE studies. At the Mosque we discussed worship, pilgrimage and the similarities between Islam and other major faiths. At the Cathedral, we completed a tour with a quiz sheet that led us to many of the famous people remembered there as well as walking through the Cloisters that featured in the Harry Potter films. Lucy said the speaker at the Mosque was very friendly and inspiring whilst Lewis thought the tall and intricate ceiling in the Cathedral was awesome! Mrs Gething was very proud of the children and their impeccable behaviour and manners was commented upon by both Cathedral staff and members of the general public.




I enjoyed lying on the floor and looking at the architecture of the Cathedral. 

Sam S - year 6

I really enjoyed it.  It was great to learn about different religions.

Alison W - year 6

Hey Ewe! - Reception, year 1,2 and 3 Christmas concert

‘Seen through the eyes of a particularly excitable and curious sheep, the traditional nativity unfolds with humour and charm, through a simple but original, script’.

Two performances were held yesterday (Thursday 7th Dec) and it was a super concert. The children all worked very hard and did a wonderful job. We are very proud of you. Also thank you to Mrs Prowse and Mrs Ashmead for their essential musical input.




A fantastic performance from all the children. It was a very nice twist on the traditional nativity. 

The staff and children have all worked very hard with excellent results.

Great community event - fabulous to be able to use Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall.


Brynmawr Cinema trip - 'The Star' - whole school

Today (Friday 8th Dec) the whole visited Brynmawr Cinema to watch Sony Pictures Animation's The Star. This is about a small but brave donkey named Bo yearns for a life beyond his daily grind at the village mill. One day he finds the courage to break free, and finally goes on the adventure of his dreams. On his journey, he teams up with Ruth, a loveable sheep who has lost her flock and Dave, a dove with lofty aspirations. Along with three wisecracking camels and some eccentric stable animals, Bo and his new friends follow the Star and become accidental heroes in the first Christmas story. The children had a great time and were very well behaved.  They all enjoyed popcorn, chocolate and a drink, as well as a traditional snow landscape outside.

Santa, Christmas buffet lunch and disco

On the last Friday of the Christmas term we had a very exciting and fun packed day.  We were visited in the morning by someone very special......Father Christmas.  He had heard from his elves that all the children in Ewyas Harold School had been super behaved this year, so he decided to give each child an early Christmas present. 

This was followed by our annual Christmas lunch buffet with children wearing their Christmas hats they had made. And to finish off the afternoon we had a super Christmas disco with lots of dancing, games AND a snow machine!