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School Trips

Madley Environmental Centre - Class 2

On Thursday 22nd of September class 2 went on a trip to Madley Environmental Centre to take part in their Storytelling celebration.  They enjoyed stories such as the Bog Baby, the Hungry Caterpillar, Fairy Tales and various stories told by the famous author Daniel Morden. The children had a lovely time pond dipping, making scenes from the books using natural materials and hunting for bears.



It was good.  I enjoyed the Bog Baby story and looking for the Bog Babies in the pond.

Daisy - class 2

It was really fun. I loved looking for the Bog Baby in the pond.

Dylan - class 2

Stickman production - Class R

On Monday 17th October Reception went to the Courtyard Theatre in Brecon to see the production of Stickman.  This is linked to their reading for meaning which is books written by Julia Donaldson. All the children and adults really enjoyed themselves.  Unfortunately they were unable to take photographs.

It was good.  My favourite bit and the funniest bit was when the dog chased the Stickman 

Logan - Reception 

It was funny.  I liked the bit when the Stickman went in the water.

Tillie - Reception

Grosmont Castle - Class 2

On Tuesday 28th February Class 2 went on a trip to Grosmont Castle.  As part of our history topic of castles and geography topic related to the local area, we thought this visit would link well. We decided this was a Motte and Bailey castle as it has a moat, though this is no longer filled with water.  We explored the different areas of the castle ruins and discussed where certain parts would have been. We also went on a dragon egg hunt and made a wizard's potion.  We read stories about castles and dragons and re-enacted knight's battles and jousting.  We walked the perimeter and climbed the stairs to view the castle from the top.  Although the weather became a little cold and wet, the children enjoyed themselves.




It was epic. We could climb the stairs and see far away.

Noah - year 2

It was awesome because we got to explore.  We went on a dragon egg hunt.

Alisha - year 2


 Weston's Cider Farm - Class R

Class R went on a trip to Weston’s Cider Farm (Monday 20th March) where they met and got to stroke Ronaldo, the Hereford United bull mascot. They went on a tractor ride, tasted some apple juice and held baby lambs. We have received an email to say how well behaved the children were. They had a great time despite the weather being cold and wet.


It was good.  My favourite part was going on the tractor.

Zain J - year R

It was great.  My mum works at that place but not on the farm.  My favourite bit was stroking the horse.

Huw P - year R

Year 6 residential - London

This year the annual year 6 residential saw the children spending two days and one night in London.  The had a tour of London on the first day, followed by Pizza Express and Matilda the musical.  The next day they visited the Harry Potter Studios and explored the wonderful world of Harry and the other characters.  They had a fabulous time and Mrs Gething reported they were all superbly behaved.

Our London adventure was utterly amazing.  One of the highlight was seeing Matilda, the musical, at the Cambridge Theatre in the West End.  My favourite character was Matilda, who sang her heart out.

Zara K - year 6

The Harry Potter Studio was incredible and it was amazing to see all of the animatronics used to make the animals come to life.  We had to bow to Buck beak and dodge the spiders from the Forbidden Forest.

Ellie C - year 6