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2020/21 Archive

Activities and trips

Class 2 trip to Rowlestone Farm - Thursday 14th July

Class 2 went on a trip to Rowlestone Farm Park.  The children had a delicious ice cream or sorbet from the large selection of flavours.  After we had finished these we ventured over to the play are where the children had lots of fun on the different play equipment.  We had a lovely afternoon. 



Class R trip to Rowlestone Ice-cream - Thursday 1st July

The children in Reception enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Rowlestone Ice-Cream. The children all went in and ordered their own ice-cream, which was very kindly paid for by Mr Probert. They enjoyed eating and talking about the different flavours before a play in their outdoor play area. 

Testing our Viking Longboats - Class 4 - Wednesday 30th June 2021

Class 4 have had a super morning testing our Viking Longboats on the stream this morning. A huge thank you to all of the children, parents, carers and cousins who got involved in their production. Monday’s rain proved extremely beneficial making the stream the perfect height for boat floating. I’m delighted to say that all of the Longboats made it safely to the end of the course (some of them limping slightly). A big thank you to all of the grown ups who helped make this morning possible, you are very much appreciated.




Madley Environment Centre - Class R - Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Reception had a fabulous trip to Madley Environmental Centre. We went on a sensory walk, making stinky potions, listening to birds and collecting different textures. We had stories and made mud monsters. The children loved pond dipping and we found lots of pond creatures. 

The Viking Games- Class 4 - Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Well, what a fantastic day we had at The Viking Games. We were met by our own personal warrior Sven who gave us lots of interesting information about what it was like to live during the Viking times. We learnt about Viking weapons and armour before being introduced to our activities. We learnt how to play Bull Rings, Kubb, Stige and Mollky which tested our aiming and our counting techniques.

We then stopped for a drink and a snack. A HUGE thank you to Sally Probert for providing us with a delicious selection of drinks, fruit and sweet treats. Thank you so much, it was enormously appreciated.

We then had a go a shooting some Viking targets using paint balls before learning all about Viking Runes and having a scavenger hunt in the Paintball area. We then used this knowledge to decode some key Viking facts. A huge thank you to Kevin, Claire, Lisa, Robin and Reggie for teaching us so much.

After a lovely picnic lunch and a run around the field we then headed back to school in the minibuses driven by Mrs Cole and Mrs Apsee. An enormous thank you to you both for your time and support during the day.


Madley Environmental Centre - Class 2 - Wednesday 19th May 2021

On Wednesday 19th May, class 2 went on a school trip to Madley Environmental Centre. This was linked to our science topic and our wellbeing week based on nature. Our first task was to follow the trail to find the different numbers and think about what genre story you could write in that setting.  We had some adventure, comedy, historical and science fiction stories.... Miss Wallace's group even began writing a horror story based in the woods, where a scary wolf was chasing a man. We also made some characters from different stories using leaves, twigs and wood. Following lunch we spent a long time pond dipping. We found newts, water boatmen, snails, water beetles, beetle larvae and a host of other creatures.  Luckily no one fell in.  We finished with making our favourite pond creature out of wet mud.  It was a great day and the weather stayed nice for us.  The children were super and had lots of fun. 






Captain Tom Moore 100 Challenge - Friday 30th April 2021

"Captain Tom was very proud to be able to leave behind the growing legacy of his Foundation. We know he would love the idea of inviting everyone to get involved and share their Captain Tom 100 so that together we can ensure 'Tomorrow will be a good day'. We look forward to celebrating with you on what would have been his 101st birthday weekend - it's going to be fun!"

Hannah Ingram-Moore, The Captain Tom Foundation.

Everyone – of all ages and abilities – was invited to take on a challenge around the number 100 any time and anywhere over Captain Tom’s birthday weekend, starting on Friday 30 April through to Bank Holiday Monday 3 May. That could be walking 100 steps or running 100 metres, scoring 100 goals, baking 100 cakes, climbing 100 stairs, hopping 100 laps of the garden, building 100 sandcastles, writing a 100-word poem, flipping 100 pancakes – anything at all, inside or outside.

Here's what we all got up to...…..

Reception - Mrs Colwell

The children in reception planted 100 carrot seeds to mark Captain Tom’s 100 challenge. We look forward to seeing how big they will grow. And how many will make grow. Maybe we will end up with 100 carrots!!!!


Class 2  - Miss Wallace and Mrs Adjei

Class 2 each completed a 0-100 dot to dot puzzle of an animal.  We then held a 100 second silence.  The best one was eating 100 sweets between the whole class.  This was particularly fun!


Class 4 - Mrs Jones

Class 4 have gone bonkers for the number 100 today and had lots whilst remembering Captain Tom. We started the day by challenging ourselves to 100 laps of the playground – we started at morning play and finished at lunchtime play.

Our English lesson was concentrating on spelling 100 words correctly – we were amazing at this.

Then on to PE 100! We did:100 laps of the field, 100 star jumps, 100 leg lifts, 100 hops, 100 goals, 100 hulas, 100 ball bounces, 100 bean bags and 100 squats.



Class 6 - Mrs Gething

Class 6 completed 100 mathematical calculations using all 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The children timed themselves to see how long the challenge took. Then we had a Deeper Thinking maths problem about Captain Tom’s fundraising making it 101 questions for his 101st birthday.


Easter Egg Hunt - Thursday 1st April

Today the whole school took part in an Easter Egg Hunt.  Due to the children being so amazing and our little lockdown heroes, the Easter bunny left them lots of treats (donated by our own Easter bunnies, otherwise known as Evie P's parents).  Each class have learned about the Easter story and have undertaken lots of Easter crafts and activities.


Comic Relief - Red Nose Day - Friday 19th March

The whole school took part in celebrating Comic Relief on Friday 19th March. It’s never felt more important to have some fun and raise money to support people living incredibly tough lives.

The theme this year was ‘Put the POW into Power!’ We asked everyone to come dressed as their own personal superhero. They could choose or create a superhero (such as Superman, Wonder Woman, an heroic essential worker or a lockdown icon they know.) We asked children to wear the costume and make a donation to the school’s collection that we will donate to Comic Relief. There was a Comic Relief soft toy that was raffled in each classroom too.

Each class of superheroes also showed off their hidden superpower in school by completing something fun during Red Nose Day.  Teachers planned their own class activity and we had lots of fun. We raise a whopping £301.70!




Christmas party day

Friday 18th December was the last day of the Christmas term.  Despite the current conditions, we still had a very exciting and fun packed day.  We were visited in the night by someone very special......Father Christmas.  He had heard from his elves that all the children in Ewyas Harold School have been super behaved this year, so he decided to leave each child an early Christmas present. 

We watched Christmas films and took part in Christmas activities. This was followed by our annual Christmas lunch buffet, in our own Christmas bubbles, with children wearing their Christmas hats they had made. The afternoon was finished by individual parties involving games, dancing and lots of fun.





Malvern Ice Quest

On Wednesday 16th December, class 6 went ice skating to Malvern Ice Quest.  They had Sammy seal aids to assist them, which some used to begin with but by the end of the session, all the children had left the edge and were ice skating. Though some did spend more time on the ice as a snowball, rather than an ice skater! They were all given a pencil case and bag of sweets at the end from the hosts due to their excellent behaviour. Everyone had a brilliant time and it was a great start to their Christmas.  Here is a link to Ice Quest if you wish to visit:





Enchanted Kingdom

On Tuesday 15th December, classes R, 2 and 4 went on a trip to the Enchanted Kingdom in Hereford.  They had a wonderful time wandering through the snowy forest, looking at the naughty and nice lists, posting their letters to Santa and meeting the big man himself. It was absolutely magical, except for the Grinch who frightened Miss Wallace. All of the children were given a present from Santa and a lovely keepsake photo keyring of them with Father Christmas.  Unfortunately the staff were all given a bag of coal as they were all on the naughty list! Here is the link for the Enchanted Kingdom if anyone would like to visit. The staff and children would highly recommend it.






Children in Need

For over half a century BBC Children in Need have been raising money for young people in the UK that need help. Children in Need provide grants to projects in the UK which focus on children and young people who are disadvantaged. They currently support over 3,000 local charities and projects in communities across the UK. The projects they fund help children facing a range of disadvantages for example poverty and deprivation; children who have been the victims of abuse or neglect or disabled young people.We know things have been difficult this year, but together, we really can make a huge difference in a time when it’s needed most. Findings show that right now the coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on the mental health and wellbeing of UK children, and for those who were already facing disadvantages, life has become incredibly difficult. It has never been more important that we help fund life changing projects and charities, providing crucial services for vulnerable children and young people through this crisis. The money raised helps support thousands of children and young people and helps change lives.

On Friday 13th November we asked children to ‘Wear Your Spots to Raise Lots’ and make a donation of £1 to this worthwhile charity. We also sold duck tickets for the BBC Children in Need Duck Race for £1 each. There were 20 ducks competing so we had several copies of the sweepstake poster in every classroom allowing children to pay £1 and choose a winner. The race was shown live at 1pm and all those who won took home a Spotty Rubber Duck for their own bath! The winning duck was Duckman and Bobbin. We raised an amazing total of £282.75. Great job everyone :)

Pumpkin competition

We held our annual pumpkin competition in school on Friday 23rd October, judged by School Council.  We had some fantastic entries from all age groups. 


Rec    Henry S

Y1   Will H

Y2   Troy

Y3   Bailey

Y4   Sophie

Y5   Maisie F

Y6   Freya W



Due to being unable to have a PTFA Halloween disco this year, we held a fancy dress competition in school.  There were some very scary entries!


Rec    Rosie

Y1   Bradley

Y2   George L

Y3   Violet

Y4   Matthew

Y5   Abi

Y6   Evie P