Ewyas Harold Primary School

Life at Ewyas Harold Primary School

School Aims

Our school aims to empower all our children to be the best that they can be:

  • Expressive in a variety of media

  • Optimistic about their future

  • Determined to do their best and achieve their potential

  • Resilient in an ever changing world

We aim to:

  • Provide a stimulating and caring environment to encourage all aspects of the children’s development and to enable each child to fulfil his or her potential

  • Deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, giving the children a wide range of experiences through practical and investigative activities

  • Promote high standards in literacy and numeracy

  • Provide high quality experiences of the arts and sport

  • Open children’s minds to new horizons and possibilities

  • Teach the children to respect the needs of their classmates, and learn to work and play together harmoniously

  • Allow the children to become responsible and independent with a pride in their achievements and in the achievements of others

  • Give the children the best possible opportunities in our school and in the local environment, encouraging a healthy and active mind and body

  • Make Ewyas Harold Primary School a happy, safe and secure environment for all

  • Build effective partnerships between school and home and the wider community to support the children’s learnin