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Welcome to Class R page.

Our class teacher is Mrs Sophie Jones and the teaching assistant is Mrs Judith Humphreys.

On Tuesday afternoon the children have Mrs Jane Jones

The children have had a fantastic term in school. They have amazed me with how confidently they performed  and sang in the School Easter service in the church. 

This half term the children will be busy learning all about Amazing Animals. This will be through play whilst the adults are playing alongside, observing and providing resources to enhance and extend their play, as well as adult led input to whole class and small groups. 

The children have made fabulous progress in their reading. It is really important that children practice their reading skills at home. Don't forget to fill in their reading diaries, I love to hear how proud you are of their progress. If you need any support with this please let me know. 

WOW sheets  - I have truly love to hear all about the amazing things you do at home, The children get a great sense of pride when we share these with the class and display them on our WOW board. 

Mrs Sophie Jones is happy to speak to parents or guardians after school, or if easier please either email or call.

PE is on Thursday afternoon with PACES. Please can children wear their PE kit on this day.

Forest School is weekly on a Thursday. The children will need a long-sleeved top, long trousers, wellies and waterproof coat. We will get muddy so please send old clothes. 

The teachers and assistants in Reception continue to watch and interact with the children everyday to see what they are interested in and what they are good at. Then they plan a range of really exciting indoor and outdoor activities for the children following the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance. This has seven areas of learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

We are promoting positive attitudes through the use of circle time and puppets. We are focusing on forming positive relationships with both peers and adults and we try to be really kind and considerate to each other. We provide opportunities to help build children's self-confidence and self-awareness. We work on building the children's ability to self-regulate by being aware of their own and others feelings and emotions, managing self by being confident to try new activities and show independence and resilience and building relationships.

How can I help at home?

Talk to your child about what they are good at and what they would like to get better at. Support children  by practising skills at home.

Communication and Language.

We encourage the children to listen carefully in a range of situations; such as story time, circle time and listening to instructions. We model how to speak clearly and confidently and how to take turns in conversations. Each day the children join in with Concept Cat from the word aware programme introducing them to new vocabulary. We will be focusing on talking in a familiar group, rhyming and alliteration. The children will have opportunity for role play and seeing unfamiliar items that may spark  curiosity, questioning and discussions.

How can I help at home?

Talk about their families at home.

Look at family themed books. We have lots of books in school and a lending library in the village if you would like some to borrow.

Physical Development

We are supporting the children as they develop their gross and fine motor skills. This is through the use of large equipment such as the climbing frame, bikes and balls and smaller equipment such as peg boards, threading, play dough and mark making tools. We are focusing on holding a pen or pencil and use it to write recognisable letters. We will be using scissors, paintbrushes, pens, hammers and bricks. The children are working on their finger muscles and join in with daily dough disco as well as other funky finger exercises. This term we will be looking at how to keep our bodies healthy and the impact that excerise has on our bodies.

Our PE sessions are on Thursday.

How can I help at home?

Encourage children to be active at home, whether it is a sport, a bike ride or just a walk. 


We will explore a variety of fiction, non-fiction, songs and poetry texts. This term we will be continuing to learn our phase three sounds with Twinkl Phonics. Twinkl home activities will be set weekly and the codes to access these are in their reading diaries. We will continue to write simple sentences and use our phonic knowledge to support our spelling. We read for pleasure everyday celebrating a love of reading. Our main texts this half term is Weirdo and Hairy Maclary. 

How can I help at home?

Share stories and read bed time stories especially.


This half term we will be looking at numbers within 10, number bonds to 10, count up to ten objects. Represent, order and explore numbers to ten. Learning one more or fewer, one greater or less. Subitising to 5 and learning odd numbers and even numbers.

Addition and subtraction within 10: Explore addition as counting on and subtraction as taking away.

How can I help at home? Go on shape hunts in the environment at home and outdoors. Talk about amounts when cooking. See if you can find numerals in the environment. 

Understanding the World.

This half term we will be focusing on learning about;

People, Culture and Communities

Describing their local habitat and a contrasting country.  What are the similarities and differences?  Exploring Africa 

The Natural World

 Care and concern for living things. Planting Sunflowers, beans and other flowers.

Observing minibeasts.

Looking after the caterpillars.

We have Forest School Sessions every Thursday. The children will need full Forest School kit which consists of a long sleeved top, long trousers, waterproof jacket and wellies. Children can get very dirty, so please send old clothes.

How can I help at home?

Go for a local walk and talk about where are homes are, is it a house or a bungalow? Do you walk or drive to school?

Expressive Arts and Design

This half term we will learn songs, mix colours, act out stories and play musical instruments. We will be exposed to a variety of mediums for drawing and painting and build on previous skills. We will be focusing on art and design both adult taught skills and child initiated creations.

How can I help at home?

Listen to wide range of music and talk about the similarities and differences in music.


Links below for longterm planning and policy.



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Thank you for all your support!

Mrs Jones


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