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Class 6 – Years 5 and 6

Teachers – Mrs Gething, Mrs Adjei (alternate Mondays)

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Chesworth, Mrs Cole (Mondays)



September 2020


Hello there! Welcome back to School! Everything is a little different and everyone is working hard to adapt to this slightly new 'normal' way of doing things. Everyone has settled extremely well into class and been so supportive of each other. The Year 6 are helping the Year 5 find their way around the routines and we have lots of exciting learning opportunities and activities planned this Autumn term.

We are a happy and enthusiastic group of 31 (soon to be 32) children who all get along very well together as each individual strives to reach their potential.

Your support is hugely appreciated and a major part of the success your child will experience in school. If you or your child have any concerns at all, please feel free to contact me at any time.



Over the coming weeks the Year 6 children will be bringing home promotional materials for their potential High Schools in preparation for the application process. Usually, some Open Days operate in the evenings and others during the working day. I am uncertain how this will work under the Covid-19 restrictions, but if you are taking your child to look around during School hours, please let us know. 


Core Curriculum

Our text this term is Who Let The Gods Out? by Maz Evans. We will be using this text to develop different styles of writing, as well as looking at related non-fiction. Children will also be undertaking weekly comprehension, often linked to our topics or current affairs. There will also be spelling, grammar and punctuation lessons as well as our Big Write and Extended Writing sessions.  This is where the children get to showcase their literary skills and talents within a specific genre or text type.

Our literacy targets focus on spelling, word and sentence level work, writing a range of genres, comprehension, grammar, punctuation and handwriting. For example, for word we will be learning about a range of prefixes and suffixes and how words change as tenses change.  Sentence level work will look at developing sentences using a variety of different ways to link clauses and phrases. Text will be looking at a variety of punctuation including the use of colons and semi-colons, the different ways to move a story forwards and the range of ways to organise related ideas in sections or paragraphs. We will review previously studied aspects of ‘SPaG’ (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and ensure all children are familiar with the range of different ways they can enhance their writing. Children will be encouraged to demonstrate these through writing narratives, writing about real events, writing poetry and writing for different purposes. We will also continue developing our handwriting so all children can work towards a neat, legible cursive style and earn (or re-earn) their Pen Licence.

In Maths our targets will focus upon Number and Place Value, including one, two and multi-step problems and orders of operations. Fast, accurate mental arithmetic, multiplication tables and a solid knowledge of inverse operations are at the heart of much of the work we will be covering this term and your support in helping the children to speed up with their tables and number bonds is invaluable.

 We will be supporting all the children to ensure they have every opportunity to make up any gaps in their learning caused by the extended period of time away from the classroom.


In the afternoons, our topics are taught separately, but our over-arching theme is The Ancient Greeks.  In science the children will be initially looking at  The Earth & Space followed by a study of the Properties of Light after Half Term. Our geography topic will consider aspects of Greece in comparison to other European countries, such as their climate, physical geography and natural resources. We will examine the industry and culture of Greece, particularly why tourism is such an important part of the economy.

We will be exploring a range of media in our creation of Greek theatrical masks and sculpting and decorating Greek urns. Music focuses on learning some of the many songs in preparation for our Young Voices concert in June  (deferred from January 2021 because of the impact of the pandemic) whilst PSHE considers Getting On and Falling Out, thinking about how we can all work together, consider each other’s opinions and feelings and support each other.

Monday afternoon lessons with Mrs Adjei will focus on ICT presentations and her conversational Spanish lessons will develop the children’s vocabulary and pronunciation.


Forest School

The class will be split into two halves on Monday afternoons this Term,  when Mrs Adjei will be leading one half of the class in a series of Forest Schools activities until Half Term with the other children working on ICT and then swapping over at the beginning of November. The Forest School programme aims to encourage Team Building and leadership skills, combining fun and personal development in a wonderful woodland environment. We look forward to watching the children flourish in these alternative surroundings, but they will need to bring warm and waterproof clothing to wear outside – it may well get muddy!


Cycling and the STAR project

In the current climate on social distancing and exercise, it is important that the Year 6 children get their opportunity to work with members of the Herefordshire Road Safety team when small groups experience a whole day of cycle training both within the school grounds and on the local lanes to ensure they are confident and safe on their bicycles. We are awaiting details and these will be passed onto you as soon as we have them.

If you feel your Year 6 child is independent enough to travel to and from School, just let us know (and we won't be worried that there isn't a grown up there to meet them at the end of the day!)

Aimed at Year 6 children, the STAR project is run by one of the experienced West Mercia Police team who discusses the issues around alcohol, smoking and drugs as well as peer pressure and bullying and where to seek help. PC Anna will be working in School on the mornings of  3rd, 4th and 5th November. More details nearer the time.



Homework (grammar/punctuation, reading comprehension, spellings and maths activities) will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday. This term the spelling test will be held on Friday mornings.  Children will be given a series of words that follow the weekly pattern or rule and should consider both their meaning as well as their spelling. Your help and support with spellings and times tables is invaluable in helping the children to continue making good progress.

Any opportunities you can use to help your child to use timetables (TV schedules, bus timetables, etc) and clocks ('how long until the TV programme starts?') would be greatly appreciated. Homework is something that can cause stress to both children and parents! If you find that there are any issues, please let me know so that we can address them.

It is really important that the children read and record this every day. Once children have grasped the ‘mechanics’ of accessing a text discussing with you their reading matter is of great help to broaden their reading skills. We are working hard in school to promote Reading for Meaning. Whilst it is important for children to be heard read as much as possible, to develop your child's understanding we need to question them about what they are reading too. For example, talking about the plot, characters, what they think will happen in the book, etc. There are lots of ideas for this and some interesting websites they can access that promote that love of reading (please see the bottom of the page). Most popular children's authors have their own websites with some great activities for the children to do.



Following all Government safety guidelines, the Paces Sports Coach will be working with the class on outdoor team games on Thursday afternoons. The children will need T-shirt and shorts and properly fitting trainers. Getting changed for P.E. can be very busy and clothes can often get mixed up so please ensure that all kit, including footwear is clearly named. Please try to keep a kit in school at all times, so we can make the best of the fine weather. Once the weather starts to cool, joggers/leggings and a long sleeved sweatshirt should be added to the bag. Our second PE slot is on Friday afternoons, so it may be easier for the children to keep a kit in their locker for the two days.




If there is ever anything that concerns you or your child, or questions you would like to ask, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are several ways you can do this; you can either pop into the office to arrange a meeting time, give me a ring, see me on the playground at the end of the day or e-mail me at cgething@ewyas-harold.hereford.sch.uk . 

I look forward to continuing working with you, and your children, here at Ewyas Harold Primary School.



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