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Quickstart guide to Teams



Dear parents/carers


From Monday we will be moving to remote learning, using the Teams application.  This can be accessed via a phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Each week children will have 5 days of English, Maths, Reading, Phonics/spelling and Handwriting work. Please stick to the correct day for each subject and only do one day at a time. Some will not be uploaded until that particular day, some will be uploaded in advance.


It appears to be an excellent system, with children being able to complete work online that can be returned to their teacher and marked.  Other work may require a pen and paper. We do not expect you to send these into school but you can if you wish.

Once we get to grips with this new system will may add more work such as topic etc.


We are aware that some of you may have problems accessing this.  Can you please let us know if this is the case and if you cannot access the system at all and require a whole pack (please note this may be different work to that set on Teams due to the important teacher input and online links) or if you just require the accompanying worksheets to the online learning.


If there are any problems, please let us know.


Below is your child’s log in information and I have attached a step by step guide for accessing the online learning.



Laura Wallace