Ewyas Harold Primary School

Life at Ewyas Harold Primary School

Kindness School

Ewyas Harold Primary School is a Kindness School!

As a Kindness School, we place kindness and empathy among students at the centre of our school. We believe a society in which its members show mutual respect and tolerance is one that grows ever stronger. We also believe that teaching values of kindness and empathy is a vital part of childhood education.


The Kindness Book

All our primary school pupils are using a new resource called the Kindness Book in class. The Kindness Book encourages pupils to document their small acts of kindness with each other. The book is passed through class from student to student until it is filled with stories.


At Ewyas Harold Primary School we aim to provide students with the right tools for the future. We believe teaching values of kindness and empathy is a core part of childhood education. That is why we decided to join The Kindness Movement and become a Kindness School.


About The Kindness Movement

The Kindness Movement is a social enterprise and non-profit organisation that is dedicated to spreading kindness and empathy throughout society. Their Kindness Books are being used by over 2,000 teachers around the world.

Visit www.thekindnessmovement.uk to find out more about The Kindness Movement.