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Parental Advice

28th February 2019

There is a new craze that is called the “Momo challenge” that you need to be aware of. This has been in the media a lot recently, due to how harrowing it is for children. The challenge has been linked to WhatsApp and YouTube, and involves a horrific image challenging children to do horrendous acts without informing their parents. I am sure you can understand our concern, as this goes against everything we teach our pupils about internet safety.

Try not to worry, as the craze has been reported to be a hoax, however it is important you know the signs on what to look out for. There is a fact sheet for information on our websites and also on the following link: https://www.thatsnonsense.com/is-the-momo-challenge-real-or-an-online-hoax-fact-check/

 Please be mindful with how you choose to use this information with your child. I urge you not to worry your children, but rather use this to engage in general E-Safety discussion, ensuring they know what to do should a stranger contact them, know not to be pressured into anything and finally, making sure that you know what your child is accessing on the internet.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are worried, have any questions or concerns.

Mr Hulse


7th December 2018  


Good Gaming Guide


Set up Facebook privacy controls

West Midlands Police E Safety Guide

Parents and Carers Check List

Tik Tok




It has come to our attention that there is a song available to listen to on You Tube called It’s everyday bro’ – sung by Jake Paul.

The lyrics in the song are highly offensive, have sexual content and homophobic references.

The song is NOT suitable for children to listen to. Please make sure that your child/children do not have access to this song and we advise that you block it as soon as possible.


Safety encompasses Internet technologies and electronic communications such

as mobile phones as well as collaboration tools and personal publishing. It highlights the

need to educate pupils about the benefits and risks of using technology and provides

safeguards and awareness for users to enable them to control their online experience.


The Schools' E-Safety Policy reflects the need to raise awareness of the safety issues associated with electronic communications as a whole.  

E-Safety depends on effective practice at a number of levels

  • Responsible ICT use by all staff and students; encouraged by education and made explicit through published policies.
  • Sound implementation of e-safety policy in both administration and curriculum,including secure school network design and use.
  • Safe and secure internet provision by Edutech Solutions Ltd.


2 great websites for children and parents are:




These are used by us in school and have great age-appropriate material to educate children of the potential risks to them when online. Please do take a moment to look as they have some great information for parents.

We hope that the following documents offer you some guidance on how to protect your children online and make the internet a safe and exciting environment:

A parent's guide to YouTube

A parent's guide to Facebook privacy settings

West Mercia Police guidance including a valuable glossary of terms

A parent's guide to Instagram

A parent's guide to video games

A parent's guide to Whatsapp

A useful checklist for parents on E Safety


Ewyas Harold Primary School E Safety Policy 2017

Our E Safety Policy has been written by the school, building on that proposed by BECTA E Safety Policy and government guidance. It has been agreed by senior management and approved by governors. 

An E Safety Coordinator (Mr Hughes) and a named governor takes responsibility for E Safety. 
The E Safety Policy and its implementation will be reviewed annually.

Please go to our Policies page to see a copy of our E Safety Policy.  


Please see our latest letter home regarding E-Safety.