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Year 1

Hello, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Year 1 as they reach the next stage of their education journey. 

In Maths this term our focus will be Place Value to 20, addition and subtraction. Children will have opportunities in lesson to build their confidence working with number and deepening their understanding of the value of numbers. Children will build an understanding of how numbers are used in everyday life.  

In English we will be engaging with a range of text types, using texts such as Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson. We will be building writing stamina and focusing on our handwriting practicing the formation of our letters. The children will be building their confidence in independently forming and writing sentences that start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop. The children will build their spelling knowledge through learning simple spelling rules. The children will take part in a daily Phonics lesson, during which the children will learn new sounds and continue to apply their phonics knowledge to help build their spelling knowledge to apply in their writing. We will continue to follow the Twinkl Phonics scheme.  

Our foundation subjects will be taught in the afternoons.  

Geography and History will be taught on alternating weeks. In Geography our topic will be What is it like here? The children will build an understanding of the geography of the school, making maps of their classroom, and building an understanding of distance and direction. In History, children be exploring the concept of history, through their own history. Children will order three photos on a timeline, using the terms ‘before and ‘after’ to build their understanding of time. 

Our Art Topic will focus on Making Marks, where the children will be able to explore making marks and creating their own art through the use of different medias.  

RE, PSHE, Computing and music will all be taught weekly. 

Our PE day will be on Mondays, please ensure your child comes into school in their PE kit. The children will receive PE lessons from PACES.  


At Ewyas Harold our expectations are that children read to an adult at home a minimum of five times a week. Your child will have been given their reading diary and book, it is important that these are bought into school everyday to allow us to see what is being read at home and for the children to have their books changed regularly.  

I am always available to talk to at the end of the school day if you have any questions or concerns, however, it is always best to contact the office to make an appointment to have the suitable time to sit and discuss your child. 


Thank you for your continued support.  
Miss Bolton